Bid opportunities for Commuter Connect:

RFP #2022-01-05-01 – CIRTA Marketing & Public Relations Services

RELEASE DATE: January 5th, 2022   WRITTEN QUESTIONS DUE: January 19th, 2022, 10:00 a.m. (EDT) ANSWERS TO WRITTEN QUESTIONS POSTED:  by January 26th, 2022

RFP DUE DATE: February 3rd, 2022, 3:00 PM (EDT)

INTERVIEWS, if any: Week of January 31st,2022. Award date February 8th 2022 at the CIRTA board meeting

Questions for RFP 2022—01-05-01 CIRTA Marketing and Public Relations Services

Questions from Seven Outsource

Whether companies from Outside Canada can apply for this? (like,from India or USA) We are not located in Canada.;  This is a USA based contract as we are located in the state of Indiana.

Whether we need to come over there for meetings?  As this involves local PR involvement local meetings would often be required.

Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside Canada? (like, from India or USA) This is a USA based contract as we are located in the state of Indiana.

Can we submit the proposals via email? No please submit per the requirements of the RFP

Questions from Bohlsen Group

Can you post section 1.10 as it was not included in the materials? This refers to requirements of the entire RFP, section 2.2 criteria/details required and the attached required forms in the RFP for overall submittal. It appears the 1.10 line item was accidently deleted from the RFP.

When will interviews be happening? It currently states that the RFP is due on February 3rd but interviews will start the week of January 31st. If we decide to hold interviews we would try to notify everyone by the 4th and would then schedule for the 7th.

Is there any market research available to inform media relations efforts? A portion of what we do is standard programs where research can be had. We are working on some new programs and studies that would lead some new directives.

What is the structure of your marketing team and how will they interact with the selected agency? We do not have an actual dedicated Marketing team but generally the ED and AED would work with the selected Agency.

In Section 1.1 it mentions “…attract and build partnerships in order to establish more Workforce Connector routes.” What role would the selected agency have in establishing these partnerships? Assist with establishing contacts for said county and providing back ground information with potential people that we could meet with. Additional assistance with providing presentation materials.

It is assumed that the selected agency will be responsible for social media content and planning, but will your team continue to handle social media response management? We would expect that the selected agency would assist in the development of responses.

Can you define ‘media events’ vs. ‘special events and activities’? Media event would be anything that may involve local news and coverage and special events/activities would be planed events that we are participating in or hosting.  

Can you define your owned marketing channels? Website and social media primarily.

Will the selected agency be able to interact with the media buying agency in order to maximize exposure? Yes, but the Media buy generally only focus on our Commuter Connect program.

 Questions from Collective Alternative. 

How do people currently find out about the programs?  Websites, social media, in person outreach, attending events and meetings.

How many currently participate in programs?  

  1. Workforce: 2500
  2. Commuter Connect: 7000 individuals 700 plus companies
  3. County Connect: Combination of riders and providers

Will we have access to other program data needed?  Yes

Any current partnerships? Example of one?  We partner with CICOA on the My Freedoms voucher service.

What are your current marketing efforts?  Website, social media, advertising, special events, outreach, events and meetings.

Are there any verbiage/ materials we should NOT use in efforts?  Potentially, this would be a case by case review as we support other Agencies.

Are there limitations to photo/video opportunities?  Again this would be addressed case by case and subject matter.

Are their COVID guidelines that you are issuing? Standard CDC or FTA transit related guidelines.

Any push back from COVID restrictions within the state?  No

What if people get COVID in the process of transportation?  We encourage CDC and FTA adherence for passengers for our contracted services.

Do you have an existing messaging or plan of action if a COVID situation is brought to media?  No

Can we work with the media buying company to use with campaigns?  Yes

Is there someone in sales we will work with directly when a prospective partner is interested?  You would work with the ED and AED.

Can the proposal packages be physically delivered and not through mail?  Yes

In the event we do a special event. Does the $48,000 per year include any extra purchases like banners, booth items, etc.?  48,000 is our total budget at this time.